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快三网Are you looking for the wedding destination of your dreams? Switzerland is the perfect choice. The breath-taking scenery offers the ideal background for your ever lasting memories, a large choice of locations ranging from castles on the lake shore surrounded by palm trees, to mountain huts in the eternal snow, to an estate in the vineyards or a park of a romantic hotel with style.

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Andrea and Joel on their wedding in Wallis

快三网Our wedding day was a beautiful event held at the Hamilton Lodge Belalp in Wallis. The wedding brought together family and friends from all around the world with 20 people coming over from as far as Australia and Zimbabwe for the celebrations. The Lodge had an intimate feel with most guests staying for 3 nights for a weekend full of celebrations and time together. The venue let us customise the menu and decorations for the wedding which allowed us to add our own personal touch.

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Vallabh and Gayatri on their wedding in Montreux

快三网Switzerland offered us exactly what we dreamed of for a destination wedding. We both grew up at opposite ends of the world – namely, Canada and South Africa – and we wanted a venue that encapsulated the natural beauty of both countries as well as providing a centralised location for our friends and families.

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